Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash

Note: Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash is currently out of stock. Purchase of any Calgonate® Kit now will include a generic eyewash substitute.

Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash is a convenient, sterile, pH-balanced solution suitable for first aid eye irrigation.


Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash is indicated to flush loose or liquid acid, alkali, or particulate foreign material from the eye, and help relieve or prevent potential irritation, pain, and damage.


Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash is a sterilized solution containing Calcium Gluconate USP 1% w/w as well as sodium chloride (saline), sodium borate, boric acid, and benzalkonium chloride in purified water to provide an isotonic, buffered, sterile eyewash.


Follow directions on the label.

Note: When the material irritating the eye is harmful to tissue, such as acid, it is most important to begin irrigation immediately. Do not spend time searching for any particular product. Start flushing the eye with the most readily available clean cool water or appropriate solution. Switch to a sterile eyewash such as Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash when it is available to do so, or start with it if it is the most readily available option.


For external use only. Do not use on open wounds. Observe all warnings on the label.