Hydrofluoric acid burns can be fatal, exposure must be addressed immediately. Calgonate® brand gel provides the most recommended application method and concentration of calcium gluconate to effectively neutralize hydrofluoric acid's powerful fluoride ion.

"Calcium gluconate is the preferred treatment of choice for minor HF exposure for the following reasons:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It can be self-administered or applied by personnel trained in first aid care.
  • It can be applied immediately as soon as the burn is suspected.
  • It is painless to apply.
  • It produces no risk of increasing tension in the tissues…
  • It reduces the risk of hypocalcemia.
  • No sophisticated equipment is necessary."

Source: Segal, Eileen, B “First Aid for a Unique Acid, HF: A Sequel” Chemical Health and Safety, Jan/Feb 2000 vol. 7, #1, p18.